George Loukissas  was born in Athens, Greece in 1982. He  learned guitar in his  aduthood as well as singing. He has play  many gigs with various local bands  in Athens as lead vocalist and  rythm guitar player. The repertoire included mostly rock music covers  of foreign and Greek origin , as well  as , prototype  creations.  He loves creating his own music of heavy metal origin and  also with his mate Dia , with whom they create  covers as well  their own songs.  For more  info & music check his website : https://loukissas3.wixsite.com/georgeloukissas

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Steelwood   was   formed  by Nikos Papaspyroulos composer, guitarist and producer.    Basically, it's a studio project consisting of session musicians. Hopefully, after the  publication of the first songs, the project will continue with the production of even more songs that already exist and are nearly on a final stage in the studio.       

    N.P.  studied guitar and harmony and he is teaching  classical guitar at the National Conservatory in Athens, Greece. He performed with various bands rock music as electric guitarist & dancing music as bass player.   

     In the 90’s, he played mainly as bass player repertoire of the 80’s : Simple Minds, Cure, D. Bowie, Echo & the B., OMD , Blondie, Stranglers etc.

     He also has performed as  classical guitarist in various halls in Greece (Castle of Naxos, Polytechnic University at Chania - Crete, University of Athens, etc)  as solo and/or with other musicians. 

     In 2009 and in 2010 he won  the International Competition for Composition organized by the International Art Society and the Foundoulis Music School in Volos, Greece, 2nd , 3rd Prizes and 1st Commendation in the categories of  rock, funk-rock and solo instrument.  

     Between 2004 – 2008, he performed with the main orchestra “The Guitarists” in two CD’s : 

 “Libertango – Live at  the Odeon of Herod Atticus” and  “Historia de un Amor” with M.Fragoulis (tenor)  E.Zervou(soprano) and E. Boudounis (guitarist, composer and conductor) labeled by “Eros music“. 

     Finally, he has written music for two theatrical works. 

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    Dia Yiannopoulou was born in Athens 

 From 2006-2015 she has attended voice coaching classes with Nina Kaloutsa, Eva Kesselring, Evi Siamanta and Eleni Valenti.In 2011-2013 she was a member of the band “Treebute” as a lead vocalist.  Since 2012 she lends her voice singing at tv series and commercials. She has collaborated with artists like Marietta Fafouti and Zero-project and has released a number of singles

  D.Y. has attended acting classes with the theatrical team “PaiZoume” , vocal seminars with voice specialist soprano Nina Kaloutsa, jazz seminar with Irini Konstantinidi and has taken part in Vocal Circles with coordinator  Nana Simopoulos.  In 2013 she was involved as an actress in the theatrical play “Magical Cave”.

     In 2014 she began her studies at the National Conservatory majoring in modern and jazz singing and became a member of the choir “Melodoi”, taking part in concerts at Megaron (the Athens concert hall), Herodeion and more.

     D.Y.  now works as a professional voice coach and vocalist.

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      George Danis was born at Larissa in 1990, and in 2008 he moved to Athens where he started his musical studies.

      He studied electric bass with Theodore Botinis, Popular Music Theory and Jazz Harmony with Giorgos Argyropoulos, Pop - Rock - Fusion ensemble with Sotiris Pomonis and Apostolis Golias, and Latin ensemble with Socrates Ganiaris.
      At age of 23, he began studying the double bass, learning from the classical bassist Anastasios Kazaglis while taking up classes of Jazz Improvisation and Jazz ensemble with Yiannis Papanastasiou and Jazz Piano Trio ensemble with Spyros Manesis.    

    He also participated in various master classes  with jazz masters like Lee Konitz, Adam Nussbaum, Ralph Peterson, Andy Middleton as well as with local jazz performers like Jianni Pavlidis, Petros Klampanis, George Kontrafouris, Dimos Dimitriadis, Sami Amiris, Periklis Trivolis, John Floros, etc.)
     Since 2010 he is working as a professional musician with several groups in a wide variety of music styles such as jazz, soul, funk, blues, pop.  He also performed with classical orchestras (Odeon of Herodes Atticus, SNFCC, Piraeus Municipal Theatre, Olympia Municipal Music Theatre “Maria Callas”) and continues until now as an active member of the greek jazz

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